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Our Charity Partners

Hospice in the Weald provides care for adults and children living with a terminal or life-limiting illness, as well as their loved ones, in Kent and East Sussex.

Care and support is available completely free of charge. We are here day and night to help, patients with an illness where a cure is no longer possible, and for patients who will at some stage die from their illness (you may hear this referred to as “palliative care”).

Launched at Thruxton Motor Circuit on 1st March 2012 in order to help those affected by military operations by engagement through sport, the charity recognised from the outset the astonishing inspirational and healing potential of sport. Motorsport is unique in that the disabled compete against the able bodied on a level playing field - there is no separate category for disability. Engineering allows us to adapt the vehicle, not the sport, and that leveller is a strong draw that the charity harnesses to help those who may be hard to reach - connecting them with amazing opportunities for second careers, beyond the military.

The Sara Lee Trust was formed in 1996 and since then has helped thousands of people affected by a life threatening illness. Our story begins in 1993 when Sara Lee was diagnosed with a rare cancer.  She was determined to survive and began plotting her own care alongside medical treatment. Sara learnt about diet, relaxation and meditation, sourcing her own dietician and aromatherapist. With their help, she lived and worked through the next two years and spoke about how wonderful the therapies were. Sara wanted to help others with cancer to receive these therapies, which were difficult to source at the time and came at a cost.  

Sara passed away in 1995, aged just 32 years old, but her vision lives on in The Sara Lee Trust which her parents, Sally and Jeremy Lee set up to allow others to experience what Sara had achieved, To live life to the full, in spite of the cancer within. 

We provide safe spaces and person-centred mental health support.

Are you a young person or an adult seeking balance, resilience, and support for your mental health in West Kent?

Mental Health Resource is an award-winning, local mental health charity, based in Tunbridge Wells and serving West Kent, which provides safe spaces and person-centred mental health support to help people improve their wellbeing. Each of our 4 projects are designed to make people feel supported, valued and connected.

There is no barrier for clients to access our support; clients can either self-refer or be referred by a GP or other organisation and clients can access our projects as soon as they would like to. 

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